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Dandeli forest has stretched over a 5000 sq. km area in Western Ghats region close to Goa and Belgaum. Dandeli is known for its rich flora and fauna and really rare species in wildlife such as Black Panther, Tiger, Civet and in reptiles King Cobras, and many more.Its an Abundance of nature and we sincerely urge you to protect the nature not carrying any plastic and littering in the jungles.

The mornings in Dandeli are rare experiences, birds waking you up with their melody early mornings, you step out and the mist on the grass kiss your feet for an energetic freshness, the lush greenery which gives out lot of oxygen which gets in your lungs to freshen up! What else can be best experiences elsewhere..


How To Reach

Reach Dandeli by Road, Train or by Air.

Nearest Destinations

Surrounding Dandeli there are many places to visit.


  • Please try to avoid use of plastic bags as much as possible be environment friendly.
  • Loud music for party purpose is strictly to be avoided, wear cotton clothes and good shoes.
  • Carry torches along and a hat if you are in a mood to trek.
  • A back pack with essential first aid will be beneficial in case of emergency.
  • You should be aware of leeches in some places and its not a thing to worry about.

Please do not litter these places and make it a mess, Care for the environment and help us maintain the ecosystem.

Do’s & Dont’s

Few important tips to make your stay better and memorable at Wildflower Homestay.