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While you are at Dandeli kindly follow a few guidelines which will help us restore the beauty of this place.

Some Do's :

  • Wear dark colored clothing, Shoes would be a good option to be with.
  • Have a stroll across the city, it relaxes you for a while.
  • Adore the nature! You have come here for nature!
  • Preserve Nature, Spread awareness
  • Plant a Tree in Dandeli.. Check for an option with us.

Some Don'ts :
  • Plastic bags.. just avoid them,
  • Do no litter..Water bottles into the jungles, you can carry them back to the city and dispose in trashcan.
  • Loud Music scares the nature - enjoy the nature's music avoid Music
  • Cigarettes.. unnoticed it may tend to create a wildfire. keep them away!





Guest Book

It is one of the best place where you can spend your quality vacation in dandeli and enjoy the nature. Hospitality is at its best with clean rooms.

Extremely good. Very hospitable and friendly staff. Would recommend this place to any family. Certainly the best place to stayS.


  • Please try to avoid use of plastic bags as much as possible be environment friendly.
  • Loud music for party purpose is strictly to be avoided, wear cotton clothes and good shoes.
  • Carry torches along and a hat if you are in a mood to trek.
  • A back pack with essential first aid will be beneficial in case of emergency.
  • You should be aware of leeches in some places and its not a thing to worry about.

Please do not litter these places and make it a mess, Care for the environment and help us maintain the ecosystem.

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