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White water rafting

White water Rafting is a well known activity at Dandeli which is the first of its kind in South India after the Ganges. Its been carried out by experienced professionals from the UK. A must if you are at Dandeli experience the thrill, the adrenaline, a real wow moment which can never be experienced elsewhere.




Over the last couple of years Dandeli has become a popular for kayaking activity from travellers. With some of the best slippery slopes in the city made youngsters to climb off up-downhill; the effective runway length will be no longer than the actual length. This takes lot of risk while canyonin and only adult can take this part.



Jungle Safari

Dandeli Jungle Safari is open to the public where you will be taken into the safari range by the authorised vehicles of the Karnataka Forest Department. You may be lucky to spot a Tiger at the same time you may find many other wild animals. Be prepared not to scream as it will scare the animals. You will visit a peak known as Shanmuga Viewpoint which is the highest peak in the region.




Adventure trekking is a thrill for the brave hearts! We offer visitors a sumptuous banquet of heritage seamlessly in tune of nature with its transformation to ensure optimum comfort to them.



Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an adventure sport which can be tried out at Dandeli.

This requires endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance. Advanced riders pursue steep technical descents and, in the case of freeriding, down hilling, and dirt jumping.

Mountain Biking helps you in rejuvenating body and tone up your muscles and calves allowing you to breathe in loads of fresh air. This is Ideal for all age group above 12yrs.



Bird Watching

In Dandeli you can find more than 200 bird species both resident and migratory in the sanctuary, including laughing thrush, blackbirds, hornbills, nuthatches, monal and many more. If birding isn't your cup of tea, then stroll down one the forest trails that can be covered on foot..




Dandeli is surrounded with beautiful scenic tourist spots suck as Sykes Point, Kavala Caves, Syntheri Rocks, Shiroli Peak, Supa Dam which are in the vicinity and some of the prominent places you may still want to see are Magod Falls, Akala Gavi, Ulavi, and Anashi Wildlife.
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If you want something quieter, go kayaking in the Supa reservoir. Enjoy this unique experience quietly though, for while you are enjoying the mesmerizing river, forests and mountains, you could be lucky enough to visit a croc right in its home! Finally, if you want to laze around, just lay around in the greenery to gaze the stars in the undisturbed sky.




  • Please try to avoid use of plastic bags as much as possible be environment friendly.
  • Loud music for party purpose is strictly to be avoided, wear cotton clothes and good shoes.
  • Carry torches along and a hat if you are in a mood to trek.
  • A back pack with essential first aid will be beneficial in case of emergency.
  • You should be aware of leeches in some places and its not a thing to worry about.

Please do not litter these places and make it a mess, Care for the environment and help us maintain the ecosystem.

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